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The Importance Of Social Media During Lockdown

The Importance Of Social Media During Lockdown

Importance Of Social Media During Lockdown.

Traditional media channels have taken a huge hit during this lockdown. With people around the world practicing social distancing, or in some cases, a complete national lockdown, there has been a huge increase in the number of people spending time online whether to get news updates or using social media platforms to connect with friends and family during this time of self-isolation.

We live in a scary and uncertain time. The only positive thing that has come out of this so far is the ability and willingness of people to come together and offer a helping hand. We have always been told that we lead a busy and fragmented life. But the way a lot of people and businesses have stepped up and come together to help each other is nothing short of heroic.

Importance of social media

Social media has contributed to this to a large extent. Similar situations in the past have shown how important and crucial social media's role is in keeping people informed and updated. And the current situation we are in is no different. The global lockdown has forced people to self-isolate in order to protect others from this pandemic and it has certainly placed a tremendous strain on our mental health. Our options for interaction and socializing have been taken away from us.

According to comScore, there has been a sharp increase in the number of minutes viewers are spending on news sites compared to the same period last year. And as people aren't allowed to spend time with their friends and family face to face, virtual connections are their only option using all possible platforms available.

Strong social media usage

Not only has Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram saw an increase in daily traffic, but the number of Zoom and Skype users also saw a sharp increase in new users since the start of the global epidemic. If this trend keeps going, there won't be any need to buy youtube views.

But what's most interesting to note about this current situation we are facing is how these behavioral changes are likely to reshape the world. Without a doubt, we will soon see an increase in companies that offer remote work opportunities. It is also possible that people will start using more online channels and leverage the role of media to communicate with their teams.

Social media gives motivation

One of the most obvious reasons why social media use is increasing is since people are inherently social beings by nature. Whether you label yourself as an introvert or an extrovert, after a few days of forced self-isolation, you'll start missing your friends and work colleagues.

People are feeling the gap that was once filled by social interactions within communities. Social media is the next best thing to fill that void. This global pandemic and forced isolation have made a lot of people feeling anxious and many are turning to the positive effects of social media for support during this time of great uncertainty. Now more than ever people need to feel connected, which explains why people have started tuning into motivation youtube videos.

The ability to go online and see that you are not alone in your own struggle is huge. To many people, it is inspiring to see the entire world connecting, sharing personal stories, suggestions, and ways to overcome their personal struggles. This is the essence of social media, when it connects, inspires, and improves our lives. Social media should be something that initiates positivity.

Drawbacks of social media

But on the flip side, it is equally crucial that all of us pay attention to how we use social media platforms during this global pandemic; especially pertaining to information overload. A large amount of information available, including the so-called fake news, is now an even bigger threat.

This naturally results in overthinking and anxiety. This was not helped by the fact that we are prohibited from leaving the house even for exercise. Our mindset and reality have come undone and have fallen out of sync.

Content producers now have the added responsibility to provide information and stories that are accurate to their followers. We have witnessed a lot of social media posts that aim to scare, get clicks, and generate profits out of this dire situation we are currently experiencing.

As it stands, a lot of people find it difficult to know which sources and people they can trust. With such a fast-paced and constantly changing situation, it is important that everyone gives their best in maintaining a positive and healthy state of mind rather than focusing solely on revenues. Ethics, not profits, should prevail.

Additional responsibilities to influencers

In practice, influencers as well as regular social media users should only share verified stories or video content. Everyone is encouraged to fact-check, only report the news that they think is useful and positive, and not focus too much on negative click baits. They should also help to make news more palatable and easy to digest by the general public like using infographics that gather official government updates.

Social media has become the de-facto place where people can talk and express themselves. But with a good majority of people being isolated, it has become an important lifeline where people speak. For this reason, social media undoubtedly became the most important channel on which the brand must focus at the moment.

Impact on e-commerce

With so many people spending a good portion of their time online, social media platforms have become the perfect place for businesses and brands to connect with their target audience. There's no better time than now to build a more meaningful relationship with potential customers.

Some tips that brands can follow include:

Increasing their social media presence during this lockdown period. People are more receptive to new and fresh content no matter where it's coming from so you might as well give it to them.

Reach out with your existing customers without intending to make a sale. Focus on their current state of being and show them that you are a business that intimately cares about their customer's well being.

Promote engagement by interacting with customers on social media. Since a lot of people are now spending more time online, this is a great time to start opening up channels for conversations with them. But make sure that you respond quickly.

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